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Ride The Sky

Before there was BASE jumping, bungee jumping, wing suiting, and paragliding there was skydiving. Skydivers were a rowdy, beer guzzling bunch, partying all night long, and then skydiving the following day until the sun went down. They lived together and loved one another. They were a family. The queen of the hive was Joan Carson, an attractive cheerleader from the suburbs of Seattle. Trying to escape a painful past, she found the family and release she'd been searching for jumping out of airplanes and falling through the sky at 120 miles per hour. In the end, her freedom would cause her death, but she would leave behind a skydiving legacy that has endured more than 30 years. Ride The Sky tells Joan Carson's story as it relives the glory years of skydiving during the 70s and investigates the mystery behind her skydiving fatality.