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This is where you can learn about current projects in production and development at Rain City Cinema:



Rain City Cinema is presently in development with the movie, Halo. In the near future a deadly virus has already killed half of Earth's population and threatens to kill the other half within five years unless it can be stopped. Set in the remoteness of Eastern Washington, an Italian-American cop and lesbian scientist are the world's last hope of stopping the virus perpetuated by religious zealots bent on bringing about Armageddon. Halo is a thought provoking story about the dangers of extremism, survival of the human species, desperation, what ifs, and tough decisions.


"Cave King"

Rain City Cinema is presently in development with the short film, "Cave King".  Set in the Cascade Mountains of Washington State, Cave King is a story of survival, revenge, and greed…and goes to show that there’s a price to be paid for being rich.


"Diamonds will never Die"

Rain City Cinema is currently in development with the documentary, "Diamonds will never Die".  She was an actress, playwright, political activist, comedian, and radio talk show host. Severely beaten one night by a drunk college student, she spent months recovering from her injuries, only to be found dead in a park just weeks before the trial. Cause of death was listed as suicide, and charges were later dropped against her accused attacker who is now a cop.

Director Paul Gorman explores the life, times, brutal attack and death of the actress who played 'Barbara Beal' in his short film, "Spare Change", as he attempts to understand the circumstances of her death and pay tribute to this remarkable woman.