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Broken Frame

“Broken Frame seems an apt name for a film that took 22 years to complete, even if it was shot on video originally! This is an inspirational story from Paul Gorman and Rain City Cinema, and I suggest anyone who’s ever struggled to make it in the film industry watches the entire film.” — Brett Gerry U.K 'Film Of The Day' critic

In 1988 Seattle Filmmaker Paul Gorman filmed "Broken Frame".  For more than two decades his detective murder mystery sat unedited due to a series of mishaps and life's curves. But twenty-two years later it was finally completed.  However, the years have taken a toll and left him pondering a far bigger tragedy and whether to screen the film.

Broken into three parts, the movie is a documentary chronicling the mishaps and perils of making the film, along with the movie itself. The result is a film that is an inspiration to the spirit of independent filmmaking and to anyone who has unfinished projects.  Watch the film here!

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