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April 1, 2015
by paul
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Ride the Sky rides its way to Rendezvous Film Festival

Rendezvous FF LaurelsYep, it's official, Ride the Sky will be making its Florida premiere, June 2015, at Rendezvous Film Festival in Amelia Island. Check back soon for more updates.

Here's our press release:

Joan Carson at Lost Prairie circa 1980

Film about Maverick Skydiver Joan Carson makes Florida premiere at 2015 Rendezvous Film Festival

Redmond, WA, April 1, 2015 -- Rain City Cinema announced today that its film, "Ride The Sky", about pioneering skydiver Joan Carson, is an official selection at Rendezvous Film Festival in Amelia Island, Florida - where in June it will make its Florida premiere. The film, directed by Paul Gorman, is coming off appearances at Trenton Film Festival, Flathead Lake International CinemaFest in Montana, Ellensburg Film Festival in Washington and Laughlin Film Festival in Nevada.

As Gorman sees it, "Ride the Sky" is more or less a female version of "Into The Wild" set in the 1970s.

With wanderlust in her blood and skydiving the love of her life, Joan Carson pursued her passion at dropzones across three western states. She finally settled in Kalispell, Montana and was one of the founders of Lost Prairie Skydive Center - now home to one of the top 5 skydiving boogies in the world.

Tragically, Carson passed away there in a skydiving mishap shortly after it opened. She was 30 years old at the time. The cause of her double malfunction remains a mystery.

"Ride The Sky" captures the culture of skydiving in the 70's as it retraces Joan's skydiving footsteps, beginning in Montana, and works its way backward, digging into her past and the events that motivated her," said Gorman.

The film is structured in the same order in which it was shot. "We wanted to keep it that way so audiences could experience Joan's story the way we did," said Gorman. "She kept a lot of things bottled up and her story unfolded along the way. There are definitely some answers, and then some new questions. The cause of her double malfunction remains a mystery."

Gorman, who knew Carson in high school spent time with her while she was living in San Francisco. While there, he dreamt that she had a fatal skydiving mishap. He was deeply affected years later at the news of her passing. "Her fatality shocked me. She was one of my first classmates to depart, and it was one of those events that stays with you the rest of your life," said Gorman.

Gorman wanted to understand the meaning of his dream and what drove Carson to continue skydiving after suffering two serious accidents. "I was curious as to the reason she took the risks she did and why she would continue doing something that caused her so much pain," said Gorman.

It was after learning that while in her 20's, Carson and several of her skydiving friends had built their own airfield, hangar, and skydive center in the Montana wilderness, that Gorman was hooked.

"I was impressed with her accomplishments and adventurous spirit. The fact that Joan would follow her passion from the safety of the suburbs of Redmond, WA, to the sophistication of San Francisco, and then to the wilderness in Montana - where she built her own airport and skydive center - convinced me that her story was bigger than my own personal interest and had universal appeal. It was then that I decided to make a film about her," said Gorman.

Gorman says "Ride the Sky" appeals to a broad range of ages and both sexes equally. "It's one of those films that has broad appeal because the story is from Joan, not me," said Gorman. "I merely opened the bottle and her story poured out."

Director Paul Gorman just finished his third feature film, "Roma Vendetta". His first feature film, "Broken Frame" was critically acclaimed in the U.K.

January 15, 2015
by paul
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The Italian Marilyn Moonroe spotted on the set of Roma Vendetta

Yes it's true, Italy's Marilyn Moonroe made a guest appearance in Roma Vendetta and is featured in the film. Released in January, 2015, Roma Vendetta has thus far been submitted to 15 film festivals in the U.S. and Italy!

December 29, 2014
by paul
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Read what’s coming in 2015 for Rain City Cinema

We've just released our last Press Release for 2014 and it's been a good year for us. We hope to make 2015 even better. Thank you to all of our fans for your interest and support. Click here to read all about what we have in store for 2015.

November 25, 2014
by paul
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Director’s Statement for “Roma Vendetta”

I have always enjoyed actors' auditions and the way they pour all they've got into their monologues and wanted to create a film that captures the spirit of that experience by combining their monologues into a larger story. The result is a film that provides a glimpse into the audition process and questions the way we perceive dialogue, interaction, and realism in cinema. "Roma Vendetta" is dedicated to auditioning actors everywhere.

November 25, 2014
by paul
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Director’s Statement for “Ride the Sky”

I’ve been asked numerous times why I made a film about a little known skydiver named Joan Carson.

Joan was a trailblazer and unlike any young woman I had ever met. She was a skydiver and motorcyclist when women didn’t do those things, and commanded attention when she wanted to. I was intrigued by her risk taking. I wondered why she continued to skydive after suffering two serious accidents. What drove Joan’s passion? What was the allure of skydiving? And ultimately, I wanted to know how and why she died.

I met Joan in the late 60s, attending the same high school in Redmond, Washington, and then lost contact with her for the next five years.

In 1973 I was managing a band in Seattle and they sent me to San Francisco to land them some gigs. It was there that a mutual friend had arranged for me to stay at Joan's place. At the time she was working as a waitress in Berkeley and skydiving on weekends at various drop zones around the Bay Area. Attired in mechanics coveralls, motorcycle helmet, ski googles, patrol boots and a parachute harnessed across her back she was a conflicting puzzle of beauty and the beast as she took off down the street on her motorcycle. But it didn't bother her -- Joan was on a mission.

Joan continued to follow her passion until she died while skydiving in Montana in 1981 at the age of 30.

Upon hearing of her death, I was stunned, and wondered why Joan had continued in the sport after her injuries...It all seemed so pointless...But was it? I had to know.

I posted a note on a skydiving forum and upon learning of Joan's accomplishments and wanderings during her short life, I was hooked. I knew then that Joan's story was universal and more than just my own personal interest.

I hoped that making a film about Joan would answer my questions and tell her story. As it turned out, her story unfolded on its own and is presented in the same order in which it was shot. We wanted to keep it that way so audiences could experience her story the way we did. For me, "Ride The Sky" provides some answers, however it also raises new questions.