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“Roma Vendetta” Cast and Crew Screening Reviews

Here are some of the comments we got about Roma Vendetta following the Cast and Crew screening.

It's looking great! I like the way the voice over helped with the story line.

It was nice to see how you put some of the montages together!

I really liked the ending credits with David and Stan talking to each other and how you put that together. Very funny and clever in my opinion!
David Ledingham - Actor

I LOVED it!! It turned out brilliant!
Michelle Lee Robbins - Actor

Just finished watching RV - wow! What a big difference! It's - much much more tied together and so much fun to watch!
Laura Nelson - Writer

I see you added an explanation of the green screen technique in the beginning. I think that showed nicely how the process works. You can tell you've put a lot of effort into the project - congratulations!
Mark L Anderson - Director of Photography

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