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Director’s Notes

 Coincidences Occur While Filming Ride The Sky...

During the making of Ride The Sky there had been several coincidences. One of which happened while filming an old abandoned skydiving center in Pope Valley, California, where Joan Carson used to jump in the early 70s. It suddenly dawned on me that I had been there 37 years earlier retrieving a stolen truck for a friend's truck rental business in Seattle.

Pope Valley is a hole in the wall place and off the beaten track so there is absolutely no other reason I would have ever been there -- unless I had been a skydiver back then...But there I was, filming the very repair shop where I had picked up the truck so many years ago.

Coincidentally, the friend who had sent me to pick up the truck was the same guy who had set up my stay with Joan about 6 months earlier in San Francisco.

The Music In Ride The Sky...

All of the Rock songs in Ride The Sky are unreleased material by Child, widely regarded as one of Seattle's best bands during the 1970's. Back then they played the same circuit as a band I was managing named Mojo Hand, which sent me to San Francisco to find them some work. It was during that trip that I spent time with Joan Carson, and those experiences I will never forget.

Several years ago I happened to run across some of Child's music on Youtube, and thought it still sounded great, so I contacted them about using their songs in the film. They were excited to participate in "Ride The Sky" and thought it was pretty interesting that they would be doing the music for a movie being made by the former manager of one of their old band rivals...Yes, things have gone full circle in this case, haven't they?

Is This Joan's Motorhome...?

While researching Ride The Sky, I was curious as to what Joan's 1974 Dodge Tioga motorhome looked like so I did a nationwide search on Craigs List and came up with two hits. One of them (pictured to the left) was listed on Missoula's Craigs List. (Click on it to increase its size).

I happened to have the VIN number (F34BF4V007777) for Joan's motorhome so I called the phone number listed in the ad. A man answered the phone and said he had bought it up in Flathead County around 1985 and had owned it ever since. I asked him for the VIN number but he wouldn't give it out over the phone.

I still wonder whether it's Joan's old motorhome, but guess I will never know...On the other hand, how many 1974 Dodge Tioga motorhomes were running around the Flathead County area during the mid eighties? Any sleuths out there?



The Interviewees in Ride The Sky...

I am proud of the fact that all of the people we interviewed have a part in the film.  Some have bigger parts than others, but nobody was cut entirely.

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